CASEE is committed to providing campus access to all Battle Ground School District students!


Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch

CASEE has offered a free pumpkin patch to Battle Ground kindergartners for over 25 years!

Kids and a mom touring CASEE

1st Grade Plant Field trip

Battle Ground 1st grade students can visit the CASEE campus for a variety of activities that will introduce or reinforce the concepts covered in their life science kit!

2nd Grade Insect Field Trip

Students search for the insects and insect-like bugs living in the garden, forest and pond! As they hunt for critters they are challenged with answering big idea questions based on their life science kits!

3rd Grade Structures of Life Field Trips

The CASEE campus arboretum, pond and forest are the perfect settings to investigate  concepts from the 3rd grade Structures of Life science kit in a very concrete way!

4th Grade Forestry Field Trip

This integrated field trip uses the CASEE forest to connect life science, Washington State History and math in our beautiful outdoor classroom!

5th Grade Environments Field Trips

The CASEE campus has an amazing suite of environments to explore 5th grade life science kit topics including food webs, matter cycling, habitat engineering and molecules!

If you are interested in joining us for a field trip please contact our facilitator, Margaret Bessert. – (360)885-5361


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