What do current CASEE students think of the program?

Students in lab coats

For students who enjoy getting outdoors, working with their hands, learning about science, math, agriculture and more, and being part of a positive and engaging environment, the CASEE program may be just the place.

This half-day STEM program takes place on an 80-acre outdoor learning campus in Brush Prairie, WA. Students explore science, monitor wildlife, help maintain the campus and get involved in their local community. Students enjoy field trips, educating younger students and getting muddy. Watch the video to learn more and then ask your school counselor if CASEE might be right for you.

CASEE Fast Facts

  • What is CASEE?
    A half-day science-based high school program located on 80 acres of Department of Natural Resources land. Site includes: traditional classrooms and labs, ponds, forests, workshop, gardens, creek, greenhouses and trails.
  • Why do students attend CASEE instead of remaining full time at Prairie High School or Battle Ground High School?
    Our students enjoy working with industry professionals, using industry equipment, conducting field studies, learning with state-of-the-art lab equipment, studying integrated subjects, doing small community projects, participating in community service and taking and leading field trips.
  • What classes are offered?
    Freshmen: Natural Resources, Biology and English or Honors English. Sophomores: Forestry, Wildlife, Environmental Science and English or Honors English. Juniors: Agroecology, Chemistry and English or College in the High School English. Seniors: Biotechnology, Microbiology and English.
  • What high school credits do students receive?
    One lab science, one English, one CTE (Career & Technical Education) elective per year. All students have the opportunity to earn 25 total College in the High School credits. Freshmen and sophomores have the opportunity to earn Honors English credits.
  • Is a PE credit earned if I attend CASEE all four years?
    YES. You receive 1.0 PE credit. You will still need a 0.5 Health credit as well as a 0.5 PE credit.
  • Can a student take band, ROTC or Running Start and CASEE?
    YES. It is done by many students.
  • What if I need to leave for sports before school is out?
    Many of our students participate in sports. Afternoon students get picked up early for practice or games by the sports bus, coaches or parents.
  • Do students have opportunities for community service?
    YES. Thirty hours on-site and 15 hours off-site are required per year.
  • How do students get to CASEE?
    First Student bus transportation is provided to CASEE from BGHS and PHS.
  • How do students apply for CASEE?
    An Google interest / application form is available here.
  • How do students forecast for CASEE?
    Students forecast at their home school.


icon 11104 N.E. 149th Street,
Brush Prairie, WA 98606

icon P.O. Box 200
Battle Ground, WA 98604