CASEE Advisory

Connecting with industry professionals to keep curriculum relevant to an changing job market.

Our advisory committee is a group of industry professionals from around Clark County who meet three times a year to discuss program goals. They are an invaluable part of maintaining curriculum that meets industry standards and needs. Advisory members also partner with us to create onsite and offsite research experience for our students.

Advisory Partnerships

CASEE advisory board includes many public land management agencies, private industry professionals and non-profit organizations. We are grateful for all that our advisory board members contribute to our program!

Key Advisory Accomplishments

  • Egg mass surveys at Lacamas Prairie: Students partner with Washington Department of Natural Resources to collect amphibian egg mass data at a nature preserve. Egg mass data allows policy makers to assess the species present and for certain species they can even infer population size from this data.
  • College in the Classroom: Students taking Environmental Science at CASEE can receive 5 credits of college science thanks to support from Clark College instructors.


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