Battle Ground Public Schools' half-day STEM program offers high school students an integrated curriculum in Science and English on an 80-acre outdoor learning lab. 

Courses include Biology, Natural Resources, Environmental Science, Forestry, Wildlife, Chemistry, Food Science, Microbiology, Agricultural and Industrial Biotechnology and four years of high school English.

Students attend classes at the Center for Agriculture, Science, and Environmental Education on a 3-hour block schedule Monday-Friday before or after attending their home high school for a half day to round out their studies.

CASEE Freshmen: Visit our outdoor learning lab!

CASEE Sophomores: Hip waders, amphibians and ponds, oh my!

CASEE Juniors: Chemistry is Tasty!

CASEE Seniors: Hands-on Science Learning

      How to Apply to CASEE

1. Fill out the 2018-19 New Student Application. Please note that this year, the application is only available online!

2.  Submit two “best work” samples (one from English & one from Science). Please send to CASEE at bessert.margaret@battlegroundps.org .

3.   You are done!  Thank you!

What happens next?

Your English and Science teachers will be sent an online recommendation form.

When the student form, work samples and teacher forms are received your application is complete!  It will be reviewed by CASEE staff and you will be notified of your acceptance within two weeks of review.

Students and Faculty Describe CASEE


CASEE Newsletter 2017-18


School Information

CASEE Building "B"
11104 NE 149th Street
Brush Prairie, WA 98606

(360) 885-5361

(360) 885-5365

Student Hours
Periods 1 - 3
Periods 4 - 6

Office Hours
7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.